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Red Sex-LinkRed sex-links are a specific type of sex-linked chicken that was developed by crossing Rhode Island Reds or New Hampshire rooster with a Delaware hen. Sex-links chickens are a cross-breed whose chicks are different colors immediately upon hatching based on their sex, making sexing extremely easy.

Red sex-links are commonly known as Red Stars and are known for being excellent egg layers. Depending on the specific cross, these birds produce 200 – 280 eggs per year. They are an excellent breed for small homesteads and backyard chickens.

Red sex-link chickens have friendly dispositions but do not fare as well as other breeds is cold temperatures. They are also easy targets for predators.

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Red Sex-link Chickens For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Alaska Wild Acres Petersburg 1 (907) 518-0299
Belt Hatchery Fresno 4 (559) 264-2090
Windsor Family Farm San Martin 4 (408) 686-0800
The Poultry Palace Palcerville 4 (530) 295-1886
Odyssey Ranch Lancaster 4 (661) 728-1601
Mill Valley Chickens Marin County 4 (415) 389-8216
Summer Rose Farm's and Hatchery Strasburg 5 (303) 622-4485
Angels Rest Farm Ormond Beach 8 (386) 503-1658
Holloway's Farm Supply Land O' Lakes 8 (813) 949-6809
Funky Chicken Farm West Melbourne 8 (321) 505-4227
Georgia Mad Hatcher Hawkinsville 9 (478) 636-0388
Schlecht Hatchery Miles 14 (563) 682-7865
Sun Ray Chicks Hatchery Hazleton 14 (319) 636-2244
Hoover's Hatchery Rudd 14 (1-800) 247-7014
County Line Hatchery Coggon 14 (319) 350-6820
Rachel's Goat & Chicken Farm Seymour 24 (417) 859-2107
Heartland Hatchery Amsterdam 24 (660) 424-0408
Ozbert Farms Wendell 32 (919) 365-7885
Sumner Bird Farm Holly Springs 32 (919) 372-9529
Derry Feed & Supply Derry 28 (603) 432-2921
Privett Hatchery Portales 30 (575) 356-6425
NEPPA Hatchery Fort Plain 31 (518) 568-5322
Heather Ridge Farm Preston Hollow 31 (518) 239-6234
Quiet Roosters 35
Chicken Fanatics Coweta 35 (918) 933-4240

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