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Here at Hobby Farm Wisdom our goal is to provide our readers with the latest and greatest information about everything relating to hobby farms.  From building a chicken coop, to milking dairy goats, to nutritional plans for pot-bellied pigs, you can find it all here!

We started this website in 2014 because of a desire to provide a wealth of information to anyone and everyone who was interested in homesteading or starting a hobby farm.

Our objective was simple: Provide valuable, actionable information that could help anyone start a hobby farm, or help current farmers improve their homesteads.

As someone who grew up, and still runs a Hobby Farm, I know how challenging it can be when you are stretched in 45 different directions each day.  Having a valuable resource you can go to for tips, ideas, and instructional information would have been a huge help to me when I was growing up.  Now that I have 30 years of experience under my belt, I want to share all my expertise with you, our readers.

Even if you are just dreaming about homesteading your own place, start reading our articles and documents to help you get a good idea of everything that goes into being a small farmer.  One of the great things about owning your own place is that YOU get to decide what you want to spend your time on.  If you are really interested in Ducks, check out our extensive library of articles about raising, breeding, and harvesting ducks.  Likewise if your interested involve Goats, Sheep, Swine, Cattle, Chickens, or anything else relating to farm life, we have you covered.

Feel free to drop us a line or ask us a question at any time, we love hearing from our readers!

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Debra Sellmansberger

    I have Navajo Churro sheep here in Williston, TN. I am a weaver and trying out the “sheep to shawl” thing. Anyone else interested?

  2. Francesca Monro

    I am looking for a couple of ducklings for my daughters to raise as pets. Any idea where I can find them without having to order on line? We are in Fairfield county Ct


  3. Theresa Venti

    Very interested in a Suffolk baby, “Simon” my lamb I got at the Ventura county fair has just past away…… Old age….. I have a small hoppy farm…. Chickens,goats,mini horses….. I sure want another lamb…. Please contact me if you have any available ?

  4. I have for sale 12 Berkshire gilts ranging in age from Dec 2015-March 2016. These gilts are a combination of some of the top show and meat quality breeding. Big framed, long bodied gilts that all come from multiple litter sows. No payment and dirt raised. I also have two early Jan and a mid March boar litter mates to the gilts available. Gilts $350. Boars$400. Oakland, IA.
    [email protected]

  5. Do you have any baby bunnies for sale? A family pet!

  6. Do you have any valais Blacknose sheep for sale. I’ve been looking for some but can’t find them anywhere. They are the cutest things! If you have some please call 931-265-5655 thank you so much for your time!

  7. Do you have an young white netherland rabbits for sale? Will be using the rabbit in my magic show where the puppet rabbit magically becomes a REAL ONE.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi I’m looking for karakul sheep for breeding any ideas how to get them?

  9. buddy gulden

    Looking for peacocks for my daughters 20 acre farm in nelson co. ky. Also turkeys

  10. Shannon Rottman

    Do you currently have any thriantas for sale?

  11. We live in Southern ,Ca and have Barbados sheep . We have 2 Ewes that we would like to trade for new blood . 1 is 6 months old and the other is only 5 weeks old . Do you know anyone in the southern ,CA area that has Barbados sheep and might be will to trade for new blood lines? thank you

  12. Where are you located.

  13. We have Navajo-Churro sheep, both rams and ewes; and Navajo Angora Goats, both bucks and does for sale. All are about 1 year old, $150.00 each. In southern Utah.

  14. I am in central New Jersey, and am looking for a male and femal Hereford calve??

  15. Ellen Jane Horn

    From the Texas Panhandle!
    Offering for sale 2015 American Alpine buck Branru Farm Black Fandango, who most affectionately responds to “Bucky”

    2015 Plans for a small shop retailing fine products from a small 5 star + B herd of American Alpines has not been realized!

    NOW in search of a breeder in need of a fine, well bred for milk production, 3 yrs American Alpine buck!

    Ellen Jane Horn

  16. I am looking for a black silkie chicken. I need to replace one for my grandson. Long story. If you should have one for sale and plan to come East for any reason, let me know. I could meet 1/2 way or something. I am NE South Dakota.
    Thank you

  17. I look for camel for buisns in aftica

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