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polish-rabbitThe Polish rabbit is a dwarf breed with an unknown origin. Despite their name, they are thought to have originated in England in the late 1800s.

Polish rabbits are small, compact, round with short, full heads and large expressive eyes. They are currently recognized in six colors, including black, chocolate, broken and white. They weigh between 2 – 3.5 lbs.

The American Polish rabbit is generally calm and friendly, especially the bucks. Does tend to be territorial if not spayed. They should be fed about 1/4-1/2 cup of pellet feed every day depending on the activity level.

Polish rabbits do not do well in high temperatures, but can withstand low temperatures. The average life span of a breeding Polish rabbit is 5 to 6 years. Today, this rabbit is used as a fancy exhibition breed and pets.

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Polish Rabbits For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Odyssey Ranch Lancaster CA (661) 728-1601
The Polish Palace Sonora CA (209) 532-5257
Crain Acres Rabbitry Chico CA (916) 765-4067
Carter's Cuties Barns Sanger CA
Bunny Barn Farms Gilroy CA (408) 591-7130
Tranquil Morning Farm Columbia CT (860) 771-1527
D & D's Bunny Hutch Storrs CT
Dayspring Rabbitry &Worm Farm Priest River ID (208) 946-7943
D and B Acres Rabbitry Union IL (815) 219-0984
Rustic Run Rabbitry Dunkirk IN
Serapic Farm Rabbitry LaPorte IN (219) 898-5248
Oak Tree Rabbitry Northern IN (574) 248-2396
Dawn of Promise Farm Battle Ground IN (765) 567-2067
Nelson FunnyBunny Farm Elkton KY (270) 847-4458
The Rowdy Rabbits Rabbitry La Plata MD (240) 419-1446
Bundles of Bunnies Rabbitry Salisbury MD (302) 381-7320
Rachel's Polish Paradise Howell MI (517) 518-2408
Thistledown Farm Armada MI (586) 337-2771
Wolfs Den Belleville MI (734) 697-7522
Swan Valley Rabbitry Swan Valley MT (406) 210-0967
JRB's Rabbitry Kalispell MT (406) 871-9363
Electrorabbitry Grant NE (308) 352-2208
Polish Pride Rabbitry NY / PPRNY Rome NY (315) 571-5571
Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry Guthrie OK (405) 758-2287
Gemini Rabbitry Bend OR

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