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mustang-horseFound in western US, the Mustang is an untamed horse. Native Americans adopted the horse as a primary means of transportation. Horses replaced the dog as a travois puller and greatly improved success in battles, trade, and bison hunts.

The large herds of wild horses weren’t a problem until grazing animals were added to the native range. The lands could not support large populations of grazing animals and it became common to shoot Mustangs. Because of natural selection, these horses are fine riding animals and have great endurance if they are able to be tamed. Most are light horses or of the warm blood type.

The Mustang has no defining characteristics because different breeds of horses have contributed to the development of wild horses in various areas. Mustangs are found in all colors, including black, bay, dun, palomino, gray and spotted. They reach a heigh

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Mustang Horses For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Humbug Farm Holly Springs 32 (919) 557-0471
The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain / Rickman Spanish Mustangs Antlers 35 (317) 409-6517
Whinny Farms Burns 36 (541) 493-2232
Hamilton Rare Breeds Foundation Hartland 44 (802) 436-1376
Cayuse Ranch Oshoto 49 (307) 467-5394

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