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friesian-horseUsed in medieval times to carry knights to battle, the Friesian horse is native to the Netherlands. They resemble a light draft horse but are graceful, elegant and nimble. Nowadays they are used in harness, pleasure riding, driving and are being introduced to dressage.

They are characterized by their black coats, although sometimes they can be chestnut colored. Rarely, they will display a small white star on their forehead. Their height can vary between 14.2-17 hands for males and mares or geldings will be at least 15.2 hands. They have a powerful conformation and bone structure with short and strong limbs. They can either be the “baroque” type or “Sport horse” type. Friesian horses also have a long, thick mane and tail (sometimes wavy) and silky hair on the lower legs.

These horses have a high-stepping trot and their temper is active, energetic but gentle.

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Friesian Horses For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Excalibur Horses San Francisco CA (707) 746-5250
Friesian Focus Murrieta CA (760) 744-3648
Rising to Star Ranch Auburn CA (530) 798-0345
Windermere Farms Fallbrook CA (760) 731-3103
Zebras R us Winchester CA (909) 762-1669
Black Sterling Friesians Sausalito CA (415) 272-2112
Camel Hill Vineyards Los Gatos CA (408) 640-1008
Crystal Peak Friesians Florissant CO (719) 331-3121
Bluffview Clydesdale and Friesian Ocala FL (352) 861-7770
Friesian Night Farm Danielsville GA (706) 201-5420
TNT Gypsies and Sporthorses Griffin GA (678) 787-2676
Silver Crest Farms Kapoho HI (808) 333-1859
Starlit Ridge Farm / Stargazer Goats Salem IA (518) 854-9702
Dancing Star Ranch Rupert ID (208) 436-1880
Horsemeister Inc Hanna City IL (309) 208-3840
Poetry In Motion Friesians Cloverdale IN (765) 526-2645
Signature Friesians Baldwin City KS (785) 594-3012
Miramonte Equine Winchester KY (316) 680-9758
Leandra Friesians Springfield KY (859) 983-6430
Elysium Friesian and Sport Horse Farm Pembroke KY (888) 581-9631
Hennigan Friesians Pembroke MA (781) 294-1109
Taney Place Friesians Prince Frederick MD (410) 535-2451
Wish Upon A Ster Friesians Beallsville MD (301) 349-4582
Independence Farm Port Deposit MD (410) 658-2147
BlackThunder Farm Buxton ME (207) 651-1651

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