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AngusAngus cattle are a breed of cattle commonly used for beef production. In fact, it is considered to be the second most popular beef breed overall. Angus cattle are a superior quality meat due to its marbled appearance. They are referred to as Aberdeen Angus in most parts of the world as these cattle originated in the Aberdeenshire and Angus counties of Scotland. Angus cattle are naturally polled and most often solid black, although solid red has emerged more recently. Their origin in Scotland has led them to be quite hardy, especially in winter months. There are four recessive defects in the Angus breed that are currently managed using DNA testing, typically one in four calves will show the defect. Angus bulls are commonly used for cross-breeding as well.

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Angus Cattle For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Next Step Cattle Company Auburn AL (334) 745-0552
Tennessee River Music, Inc. Fort Payne AL (256) 845-3936
Legacy Farms and P & J Premier Quarter Horses Springville AL (256) 390-4651
Drummond Sparks Beef Hanceville AL (903) 816-3706
Cow Creek Ranch, LLC Aliceville AL (205) 373-2269
Satterfield Charolais & Angus Norfork 3 (870) 499-5379
TK Cattle Company Imboden 3 (870) 844-5089
LakeView Farms Powhatan 3 (870) 878-6939
Hermosa Cattle Company Fayetteville 3 (479) 530-0497
Hudspeth Farms Saint Joe 3 (870) 439-2285
Beechfork Ranch Arkansas/New Mexico/Texas 3 (901) 491-3603
Belle Point Ranch Lavaca 3 (479) 650-4665
Bar LR Angus Ranch Benson 2 (520) 720-4847
Bar T Bar Ranch Winslow 2 (928) 289-2619
Vintage Angus Ranch Modesto 4 (209) 521-0537
Silveira Bros. Firebaugh 4 (559) 217-1502
Stinchfield Ranch Paso Robles 4
Swan Family Angus Templeton 4 (805) 434-1927
Tehama Angus Ranch Gerber 4 (530) 385-1570
Wagner Livestock Linden 4 (209) 887-2291
HAVE Angus Wilton 4 (916) 687-7620
Egan Ranch Janesville 4 (530) 253-3197
Bar C4 Show Cattle Napa 4 (707) 217-4377
Colburn Cattle Co. Visalia 4 (559) 528-3608
Circle Ranch Lone 4 (209) 765-1815

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