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LeghornThe Leghorn breed of chicken is originally an Italian breed used exclusively as layer chickens. They were imported to the United States in 1828 and have since been bred with a variety of other breeds to increase body size and produce new colors.

While white Leghorn chickens are the most popular variety, they come in a wide range of colors including white, red, black-tailed red, light brown, dark brown, black, buff, Columbian, buff Columbian, barred, and silver. White Leghorns however gained their popularity over other colors due to their prolific production of large, white eggs.

They fare well in cold weather but their comb has been known to get frostbite. Many owners find applying a layer of petroleum jelly works to prevent this. Leghorns do well in confinement and are very intelligent but are known for having a skittish personality.

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Leghorn Chickens For Sale In The USA

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Alaska Wild Acres Petersburg 1 (907) 518-0299
Split Rail Family Farms Penngrove 4 (707) 664-8103
Belt Hatchery Fresno 4 (559) 264-2090
California Hatchery Rancho Cucamonga 4 (530) 413-8257
Windsor Family Farm San Martin 4 (408) 686-0800
Atwater Feed Atwater 4 (209) 358-1840
Dare 2 Dream Farms Lompoc 4 (805) 735-3233
Wildfire Farms Erie 5 (303) 514-7618
Summer Rose Farm's and Hatchery Strasburg 5 (303) 622-4485
The Henson Menagerie Bolton 6 (860) 647-7390
Clark Farm Higganum 6 (860) 539-7004
Cameron Family Farm Moodus 6 (860) 615-9135
Gaetano Family Farm, LLC New Haven County 6 (203) 824-3824
QuackerJAX Jacksonville 8 (904) 710-7645
Whiddon Family Farms Leesburg 9 (229)886-8783
G & W Farm Cleveland 9 (706) 219-4535
Welp Hatchery Bancroft 14 (1-800) 458-4473
Hoover's Hatchery Rudd 14 (1-800) 247-7014
Sand Hill Preservation Center Calamus 14 (563) 246-2299
Th?ornhollow Hobby Farm Genesee 11 (208) 790-3007
Signature Feathers Taneytown 19 (410) 756-1883
Townline Poultry Farm Zeeland 21 (616) 772-6514
Crazy Chicken Ranch Mussey Township 21 (810) 223-7521
Destiny Farm Brighton Township 21 (248) 789-5384
Stromberg's Chicks & Game Birds Pine River 22 (218) 587-2222

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