Alaska English Lop Rabbits

English Lop Rabbits For Sale In Alaska

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english-lop-rabbitA fancy breed of domestic rabbit, the English Lop was selectively bred in England and thought to be the oldest domestic breed of rabbits. They average 11 lbs and are distinguished by their long lop ears, bold head and large body size.

Considered the original Lop, they are longer and more slender than other Lop rabbits. They come in several different colors (solid or broken), including black, orange, fawn, blue, agouti, chinchilla, red-eyed white, blue and black torts. They have a smooth fly back coat and a mandolin shape. Does can weigh up to 15 lbs.

English Lops are resistant to hot weather thanks to their short coat, also requiring minimal grooming. They need a large hutch and space to exercise. They display a calm temper and require good feeding with plenty of leafy greens. They are prone to ear infections but with correct care, they make great pets.

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English Lop Rabbits For Sale In Alaska

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